Day 28 28 January -stationery

It is that time of the year again for school children in New Zealand, the beginning of a new school year. I made use of the click and collect option from our local stationery store to buy all the stationery online, they pack it for you and you collect it when it is ready. Done!


Preparing for the new school year I can’t help but think back on how my mom sat for hours on end on a Sunday covering our school books, first with wrapping paper, and then with a plastic protective wrap. I never understood this frustrating waste of time until my I had both my children in primary school. You can feel your body aging with every strip of sticky tape you put on to stick the paper down.

Two years ago I discovered EziCover, a protective plastic cover for books with SLEEVES! So it literally just slips over the hardcover sleeve and you are done. It was another “A-ha” moment for me. And this year I am going one step further as I don’t see the need to chuck the covers away every year because they are very durable. So I am applying the reuse, reduce and recycle concept and covering this years books with last years covers . I only need to stick a new label over the top. Done!


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