Day 26 26 January – pickled cabbage

The idea was to make sauerkraut with the head of cabbage we received from our neighbours, but the possibility of me mucking it up (as it needs to ferment over a period of time) is great and I wouldn’t want to waste such a beauty of a vegetable. I decided to instead make pickled cabbage. I have never preserved or pickled anything, so this was a challenge but one I was looking forward to.

I found the following recipe and it turned out very tasty. The recipe is meant for a red cabbage but all-in-all it was successful. I actually found the process therapeutic as the aroma from the boiling brew filled me with a sense of euphoria. It is divine!


Tip: rinse the cabbage out thoroughly. Even though it still salty afterwards (you do need the salt to preserve it), make sure all the coarse flakes have been removed. I rinsed mine at least 5 times, cleaned out the colander and rinsed it again. I used all the measurements as given in the recipe, and don’t mind the slight sweetness of the pickled liquid as the vinegar provide a good punch.


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