Day 25 25 January – neighbourly love

I have to confess that the reason I choose to live rural is because I’m not keen on having neighbours…unless my neighbours are our besties or family. When we moved into our first rental in New Zealand I struggled with the idea that we are so close to others. We had a shared drive way (a first for us), and we had neighbours in front and to the sides. We were lucky to have a gorge behind us, but that serenity was soon trampled on by our very rowdy neighbours’ teenagers. We lost count how many times we had to ring noise control. When you have 2 young children you understand that sleep is vital to your daily sanity, so to have music, drunkenness, screeching tyres and trampoline jumping at 2am in the morning was not taken lightly.

You can imagine that when the opportunity to move out rural came along we grabbed it with both hands. And since then I haven’t been keen on living in town and we have been fortunate to have rural rental properties available whenever we needed to move. Currently we live on a rural property with only our landlord to the left of us and an elderly couple to the right. And they are the loveliest and friendliest couple! We have had a few interactions with them, and most of those consisted of her handing over yummy treats from her vegetable garden.

This afternoon was no different. We received a phone call from her asking my son whether I was around as she would like to give us some greens. My son admitted that I was having a nap (embarrassingly!), but that he will meet her at the fence. She handed over a bag and inside it a beautiful cabbage head and a few spinach leaves. I have recently been looking at sauerkraut recipes and think this is a good enough reason to give it a go.


They say blessings some in small packages, today it came in a plastic bag and full of healthy goodness.



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