Day 24 24 January – Madeira cake

There is a British baking show which I am glued to when showing on television, The Great British Bake Off. New Zealand is currently broadcasting the 2014 season and we have just watched episode 2 tonight. Every time I watch the show I wonder how it must be being a contestant. I’m sure they are very nervous but they have so much more confidence than what I will ever have. I doubt myself too often, don’t believe in myself enough to take on such a public competition and will most likely faint if someone like Mary Berry have to taste my baking.

During last year’s season I realised that I have actually baked several of the items given to the contestants as tests, but then there were those goodies that I have only seen perfected on professional baking shows or pastries I haven’t even heard of. So this year I put a challenge to myself, to bake 1 unknown item per episode. That means 12 items over 12 weeks, my family will be stoked 🙂

On episode 1 one of the challenges were to bake a traditional Madeira cake, and that is exactly what I did. I found Mary Berry’s Madeira cake recipe here and it couldn’t be easier. I also made fresh candied lemon peel to decorate the cake with, which is another first for me.


The cake looked and tasted like summer, sun and relaxation.


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