Day 22 22 January – candle light


I mentioned in a previous post that the south island was hit by a terrible storm late last week, and just when I thought the north island was clear from it, it hits us on Saturday night. Gale force winds strong enough to break large branches, throw our lawn chairs about the patio, tip our barbeque over and snap several power cables along our street. Around 10pm on Saturday night my husband and I were watching a movie and suddenly, darkness. This is not a strange phenomenon to me, as growing up we lived on a farm most of my life and when the highveld thunderstorms hit, you were assured to be without power for most of the night.

Luckily I have HEAPS of candles! And thankfully we always have matches as we can’t live without them during the winter months when the only main heat source is an old wood oven. We took the lit candles to the room, snuggled up and I finished reading my book. I went to sleep with a heart of thankfulness as we are safe indoors from the storm outside, and even though without power we can still function within limits.

We woke up this morning with still no power. Reading an online article from my phone, 15 000 homes around Auckland are without power from the storm ad the electricity provider warned those affected that we need to prepare for a pro-longed outage as the weather is making repairs difficult. I was off to work, and my husband too the kids into town for breakfast. Surely by the time they arrive home late morning it will be fixed? Uhm, no.


10pm tonight and we have been without power for 24 hours. It feels like we have been sucked into a parallel universe and soon the apocalyptic zombies will be grudging their way through our front door. Almost all our candles are burning tonight, there is no more water left as we do not use municipal water and the pump runs on electricity to purify/pump water from the water tanks. Thankfully we have a 2 litre water bottle in the fridge which we use to brush teeth with and drink clean water. We scrimmaged through our pantry trying to find snacks to eat and charging our phones whenever we are in the car. We can’t wash dishes, flush the toilet or shower.

A quick look into the future (seeing as New Zealand is the first to see the sunlight), the next morning is no better as we woke up to day 2 of no power. Packing lunches and getting ready for work and holiday programs took on some DYI and genuine kiwi ingenuity.



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