Day 21 21 January – peacan pie

It’s early Saturday morning and I’m at my usual hang-out spot…work. Routine kicks in: open the cash registers, the POS system, sort the shelves and the meat cabinet, take out produce from the fridges, hang the biltong. While taking meat out of the back fridges my eye caught a white plate with a slice of peacan pie on it. My first thought was that the lady who works with me must have brought it in yesterday but forgotten to eat it. I go on with my work as per usual. When she arrived at the shop, she told me that a friend of mine brought me the slice of peacan pie yesterday shortly after I left to go to my parents’ shop. I asked which friend because unfortunately I don’t have many. She said “Sandra I think”. My heart filled with so much appreciation and love. Sandra is a dear friend who I met while working at my previous work (the one I resigned from due to the tremendous workload and stress). She was my team leader and also a South African. We come from very different back grounds as she is a coloured lady from Durban and was brought up within a Hindu community. She is a few years older than me but never makes me feel like I am the young, inexperienced one. She always praise your work with positive reinforcement. She loves life and it is a pleasure to be in her company.


By bringing me this slice of peacan pie she immediately placed a value on our friendship, made me feel appreciated and loved. She did what I am focusing on this year, uplifting those around me.

Much love to you all, and take some time today to enjoy a slice of pie. I know I did!


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