Day 20 20th January – silo market


Tonight my son, husband and I went to the silo park night market in the Wynyard Quarter, west of the Auckland viaduct. The minute you walk into the park you are surrounded by lively people, music and food. There were approximately 12 food stalls, each one representing a unique world cuisine. You had stone oven baked pizzas, French crepes, Chinese dumplings, Mediterranean rice dishes, Mexican cuisine and a crowd favorite the sweet churros. My son and I had the pork and prawn dumplings and my husband had the crispy noodle salad. OMGoodness, it was the best dumplings I have ever tasted. They were packed with so much flavor and meat, literally melting in your mouth as you bite into them.

We ate while we looked around at the different items for sale. I bought a pink peony soy candle (it smells absolutely divine), a wooden ‘home’ sign and a pineapple key chain. We took a walk on the pier, and then down the street along the viaduct. I love the busyness of the city at night. The lights, the jubilant patrons, the music.

We ended our night with a shared container of churros accompanied with flat whites and a hot chocolate for my son. A night well spend with my men.

I love them, I love my city.

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