Day 16 16th January – colours

I have both my children at work with me today, which in itself is going to make it a very long day for us all. I asked my daughter to bring her Animal Kingdom colouring book from the talented Millie Marotta with to keep herself busy. She wasn’t much interested in colouring in, so during a quiet period at the shop I looked through the book and found this simplistic yet majestic dragonfly. I sharpened all her colouring pencils and started colouring in. How much fun was that! It honestly had a calming and mesmerizing effect, and I struggled to put it down. I had to complete it and I’m glad I did.


While I was colouring in I couldn’t help but think about my ouma and oupa.

As a child I use to spend most of my school holidays with them in Pretoria. Both my parents worked and I don’t think there were any holiday programs available back in the day, so they would send us (my sister and I) off to stay with them. My ouma had the ability to keep us occupied from the minute we woke up. She was involved with community programs, volunteer work and church events. We often spend time with her while she was volunteering, meeting people from all walks of life and even lending a helping hand when needed.

My ouma and oupa were both creative people in their own way. My oupa painted, sculpted and made brass objects, while my ouma sewed, knitted, cross stitched and was an amazing baker. They encouraged both my sister and I to be creative. I would spend hours on end drawing birds in my scrapbook and then paint them. I would retreat to my ouma’s work room, listen to the radio while cross stitching a new pattern. And when I was older I learned fabric painting and made several cushions, one which I kept.

They have both passed on, but the memories of them are alive. Today I miss being a kid, but more so I miss them dearly.


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