Day 14 14th January – beach stroll

I am fortune to work for/with my parents. I don’t have the stresses associated with working in a corporate and financial environment anymore. I was physically and mentally unwell shortly before I resigned from my accounts payable position at a large international corporate company. I didn’t take lunch breaks, I did the work of a full time employee even though I only worked part time and I was expected to take the reigns from someone who had been with the company for several years and I was newly appointed. My work became a burden and something I wasn’t enjoying anymore.

Currently I have more flexible hours during the week, but some of the downfall is that I work weekends, full day on a Saturday and a few hours on a Sunday and I don’t get much annual leave. You see the customers walking in glowing from the summer heat, buying goodies for their barbeques and all I can do is provide them a friendly service with a smile while cringing on the inside whishing I was home instead. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work as I get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life and I get to bake, but some days I find it hard to see the upside.

Today was another warm and humid day. I was at work from 8:30am to 5pm. When I arrived home, I had some time to take a breather while my husband finished dinner. Thankfully here in New Zealand it stays light until 9pm during summer, so the kids and I were able to go out after dinner for a walk on the beach. Shortly after 7pm we got into the car and drove to what we call our neighbourhood beach, Maraetai. A 15 minute drive from home and we were surrounded by clear blue water, sandy beach and the squawking  of seagulls. The cool crisp breeze was a welcoming companion from the humid, almost unbreathable air earlier today. We walked along the boardwalk, took photos and enjoyed each others company. 1 1/2 hours = my head cleared + my soul lightened.





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