Day 12 12th January – running on empty

Today was not a good day. Not that anything bad happened, but more so that I am feeling unwell. Day 12 into the the new year and I feel like I’m ready to celebrate the end of the year. I have mentally prepared myself for the year ahead and am looking forward to what’s lurking behind each day hence the reason for starting my photo diary project, but on days like today I wish I had a fast forward button on life’s remote.

I had a terrible headache again and the humidity we’ve had for the past few days has depleted me. I have no energy and am exhausted by late morning. By the time I realized I haven’t taken my daily photo yet it was well into the early evening. Nothing exciting or worth mentioning happened during the day…what am I going to photograph now?!

I was in need of a home baked sugary treat. I noticed the rocky road jar on the side table in the lounge and realized my mistake for leaving it where my kids had access to it, as there was hardly any left. I looked into the jar and honestly felt like I was looking at the scraps of my day.


I still ate the largest piece…now it’s truly running on empty!

Recipe for this jolly good rocky road:

1 large slab each of 50% dark chocolate and white chocolate (I prefer Whittakers)

2 cups of marshmallows, cut in quarters

1 cup of turkish delights, cut in quarters

1 cup almonds

1 1/2 cups shortbread biscuits, broken into small pieces

Mix dry ingredients (except chocolate) and divide them into 2 separate mixing bowls. Place the dark chocolate over medium heat in glass bowl over saucepan. Do not let the water in saucepan touch the base of the glass bowl. Once melted, remove the glass bowl from heat and let it cool down slightly. Repeat the same process with the white chocolate. Add the cooled melted chocolate each to the dry ingredients. One mixing bowl will have the dry ingredients + melted dark chocolate and the other will have the dry ingredients + the white chocolate. First pour the white chocolate mixture into a prepared tin followed by the dark chocolate mixture on top. This will give it the ‘top deck’ effect. Place in fridge until set. Remove from tin and slice into desired edible sizes. Store in cool, dry area in an air tight container. Enjoy!




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