Day 11 11th January – fruity

Today I saw juicy, beautiful mangos for a really good price so I bought two and the first thing I thought of making was mango lassi. The kids were really excited as I have only once made it before and it is something we enjoy drinking when we eat Indian cuisine. And there is nothing better than to end a humid and warm summers day with a glass of refreshing mango lassi with my family.


Whenever I taste Indian cuisine I think back to one of my first meals my sister introduced me to shortly after immigrating, called butter chicken. We ate at a food court in a small shopping centre so the area was filled with mouth watering aromas, but the one that stood out the most was the sweet smell of curry. I have to be honest, I have never (before that day) been a fan of curries. She ordered our meal, and accompanied with rice and a naan bread, I was intrigued.

My first mouthful was incredible! It was sweet, creamy, full of flavour and the chicken melts in your mouth. The best part came when the meat and rice was finished and all that was left was the sauce and naan bread. Dipping bits of naan into that bowl of liquid lava is beyond divine. I soon discovered there certainly is nothing ladylike when eating it, as I was left with some droplets on my chin and clothes. It is pure enjoyment!



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