Day 5 5th January – lost property

A few months ago we had a house break in. Shocking and somewhat distraught yes. Apart from being more observant around the house we recovered well and life goes on. During December we started preparing for my sister’s birthday present: a photo collage canvas displaying her childhood photos. My parents managed to sort their photos and found some we could use, but I knew I had more at home in a small photo album which I kept in the lounge. Excitedly I started searching for it.

No, not there. Not there either.

A sense of panic set in as I searched without success. The only other reason for it not being where I last saw it was that it’s been stolen during the break in. Who on earth would want to steal a personal photo album?! Disappointed that I couldn’t use the photos I wanted, we resorted to the few we had. The canvas still turned out lovely and full of memories.

Today as I took the washing detergent from the passage cupboard, the corner of my eye spotted a small weaver basket right against the wall. I remember that I placed the basket there in preparation for when our carpets were replaced earlier the year. AND guess what item was at the front of this weaver basket…my photo album! I was SO happy, my heart honestly skipped a beat and I gave a slight shriek.


I immediately took the album to my bedroom and for 20 minutes lost myself amongst my childhood memories.

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