Day 4 4th January – my apprentice

The kids currently have their summer school holiday, and after spending 2 weeks with their dad doing “fun” stuff while he was on leave from work, they have 1 week with me while I’m at work before their holiday training start. Luckily this week is a short week for us as we had an additional public holiday at the beginning of the week. And I’m sure my kids are counting the minutes down to when they can be anywhere else but my work.

I do not have a normal office job and I am truly grateful for that. My parents own their own shop and at the beginning of September 2016 they opened a second one and I came onboard to work with/for them as the workload increased. Honestly my work is not stressful whatsoever, but it is physically demanding with long hours as I work weekend too. But regardless, I enjoy my work and I know it helps my parents out.

50% of my work relates to baking. I make milktarts, peppermint crisp tarts, cremora tarts and bake rusks. Today my daughter joined me in the kitchen. She was very eager to help make the filling for the milktart as she already knew the recipe off heart. She can, with great confidence, make the baked bases for them, so it is only expected that she would want to learn how to fill them. She didn’t need much guidance. She was able to do most of it herself. The only part where I insisted on helping was pouring the milk custard filling into the bases as it is boiling hot once cooked.


I love how both my children developed an interest in baking. And I love sharing what I learn and know with them, and it is the reason for choosing this moment as my fourth entry for my photo dairy.


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