Day 3 3rd January – gourmet pizza

I was invited to a friends place for dinner. We worked together a few months back but she’s the type of person who befriends you for life. She also invited some of her current work colleagues, as well as a mutual friend. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these new acquaintances, but more so spending time with my 2 friends. They are both story telling, laugh at yourself, free spirits. And I adore them for that.


The third photo for my dairy is of one of the pizzas she brought home, a spicy vegetarian jalapeño pizza. Now I’m not a fan of spicy food. I don’t mind a mild (ever so slightly) spicy. Foolishly I thought that if I remove the jalapeño from the pizza then I’ll be alright, but NO! Whichever part of the pizza the chilli touched, was as spicy as eating the chilli itself. The inside of my mouth was on fire and my lips felt like they were bleeding, and then went numb. She didn’t have any milk so I resorted to drinking half a glass of cider. Bad move! The bubbles from the cider felt like acid stripping my skin bit-by-bit. It took 15 minutes to get sensation back in my lips.

I have learned a valuable lesson from this: I will go back to the pizzeria for their butterchicken pizza (finger licking good), but I will NEVER order a spicy vegetarian jalapeño pizza nor attempt to eat one.

New beginnings, new adventures, aye?!

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