Day 1 1st January – potjiekos

My 2017 project, which I have been thinking of doing since 2014, is to start a photo dairy for 365 days. The reason being is to take the time to reflect back on my year, to remind myself of the people I’ve met, places I’ve been or little adventures that has come across my way. And to share these with my loved ones.


My first photo entry is this bowl of goodness. Potjiekos to us not only means to feed your body, but your soul too. It brings back memories of togetherness, laughter and celebration. And if there is a potjie, there’s family because it feeds an army! It takes a village to finish this meal.

We spend New Year with my family in Darfield, Christchurch to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. And there is no better traditional meal to share with than my brother-in-law’s potjie. He spend most of the morning prepping the contents, and then it boils several hours inside this cast iron pot over hot coals. It is a meal that is perfected the longer it cooks and it smells divine from the minute the pot hits the coals. And while it cooks, we enjoy each others company.

Blessings come in small packages, or a pot filled with food!


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