Dear ghost

I invited you into my virtual and selfish life several years ago, which was the biggest mistake of my life! I regret getting to know you, thinking that it could remain platonic and secretive. Your disappearance was unplanned but best for those involved. I regained some sense of normality and focussed on healing the open wounds caused by your online presence.

You re-entered my life unannounced and unwelcomed. You threatened me, called me names, blackmailed, harassed and caused me sleepless nights. You over stepped the boundary when you involved the person I love the most above all and the innocence of a child. I knew you were world’s away, yet I couldn’t help but feel like I was constantly being watched. Your shadow lurking over my shoulder, invading every aspect of my life.

They say “forgive and forget”, but I will NEVER forgive you! I have not hated anyone more than what I hate you. I do not believe for one second that you are a good person, and do not think that you will reform. I know that you might think what you have done serves as  some form of justice (if justice was unruly and twisted), but all you caused was fear and deep seeded animosity.

You now have a name, an identity, you are no longer an unknown being. But to me you will remain a ghost, an entity that is dead to me and haunts my everyday thoughts.







2 thoughts on “Dear ghost

  1. strooimeisie says:

    Though I liked this post, I honestly wish that I could tap on an unlike button. I, too, know what it is like to have a stalker – both in the cyber world and reality. It’s scary, degrading and everything but exciting. No matter how it happened that you got a stalker/cyber bully in the first place – not you or anybody deserves having a cruel person like that in your life!


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