World, meet Tulip!

A life, any life is more than its own particulars: it has a social, historical, political, gendered, religious backdrop that gives it context and meaning.

How very excited yet nervous am I to introduce myself to you – reader, blogger or the accidental passer-by. I am, in many forms, a survivor (please refrain from singing that all too familiar song…oops too late!): I survived my first 10 days on earth, I survived several primary school crushes, I survived being the youngest sibling to an older sister, I survived falls of the gymnastics beam, I survived many “serious” and heart-breaking high school relationships, I survived (in my later young adult years) childbirth…twice!, but more than anything else, I survived food deprivation.

Why blogging? A dear friend of mine introduced me to the thought of blogging after I told her that I’m FINALLY working on my memoir. At first the idea of putting words to feelings and thoughts on a blank screen was daunting, but then I remembered what my objective is with a memoir. I have, as many before me and many still to come, a story to tell; a story of living, battling, recovering and surviving a disorder I often refer to as the two sisters (but for many this disorder is called anorexia and bulimia). But unlike the memoir, which mainly focusses on that snippet of my life, this blog opens a starting point to all that is me. Unveiling myself, one layer at a time, to those who struggle with the same two sisters, those who have been indirectly affected by this disorder, but more so to those individuals who are searching for that glimpse of a faint light at the end of a torturous and often dangerous dark tunnel.

My blog is most definitely a “hold on tight, it’s going to a bumpy ride” and a “I know you can’t see it now, but the end reward is so much greater”, and it is a journey I want to share with those willing to step on board.

This is my story, this is my life, I am Tulip.

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